Pregnancy Injury Claims

Many complications during pregnancy can happen during the labor and delivery of the child. One of the most popular complications during pregnancy is that of Pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is the term given for high blood pressure during a pregnancy. Symptoms of Pre-eclampsia usually start to show up within the second or third trimester of pregnancy and can last until approximately six weeks after delivery of the child. Managing of Pre-eclampsia should be done early on. Early detection is very important in its treatment.

Of course there are symptoms associated with Pre-eclampsia, however, most of the symptoms are not easily revealed in a pregnant female since most of the symptoms can be attributed to that of a pregnancy. The symptoms of pre-eclampsia are:

1) High blood pressure.

2) Protein in the urine, also known as, proteinuria.

3) Headaches

4) Problems with vision.

5) Swelling.

6) Sudden weight gain.

Many complications can arise from pre-eclampsia. These complications can include:

1) Kidney damage.

2) Liver damage.

3) Abruptio placenta

4) Cerebral hemorrhaging.

5) HELLP syndrome, also known as, hemolytic anemia, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelet count.

If pre-eclampsia goes without diagnosis and treatment, it can veer into full-on eclampsia. Eclampsia is shown by seizures, which can be life threatening to both the baby and the mother. This is the main reason that it is so important that pre-eclampsia be noticed and treated as soon as possible. Sometimes, parenting sites like baby journey reviews serve as a good place to get tips and guides.

If pre-eclampsia is misdiagnosed, physicians and other health care professionals could be charged with medical malpractice. The same can happen with that of pregnancy-induced hypertension, also known as PIH. If you find that you have been misdiagnosed or were never diagnosed at all and had complications, it is best for you to contact a birth injury lawyer. The birth injury lawyer will make a complete investigation into the whole situation, contact medical experts, and bring evidence to light concerning the malpractice of your physician. If they locate proof of evidence that you were misdiagnosed or never diagnosed at all, your birth injury lawyer can file a claim to seek monetary compensation for the injuries that took place due to the negligence of the physician.

Keep in mind that there are many other types of conditions which could be suitable for malpractice of a pregnancy injury claim. All birth-related injuries are able to be brought to court and contested as long as they injury resulted during the labor and delivery of the child.

You also have the right to file a lawsuit if you are the parents of an infant who has suffered a birth injury. You, as a guardian of that child, have the right to ask for general and special damages for the injuries that occurred. If an injury occurred to the mother at the same time, you can file a lawsuit showing the doctor’s neglect caused the injury. You, as a parent also have the right to sue the physician for emotional pain and distress that they have caused to you due to your baby’s injury or injuries.

Krin King