Herbs For Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a usual sexual problem that men experience. People define it in many ways, but the general definition is that premature ejaculation is when a man ejaculates before his partner wants to. According to a research done in the US, men who have this problem lasted not longer than two minutes. Those who were normal have it for more than seven minutes, reaching until 25 minutes. The concept of premature ejaculation varies from one person to another, but experts say those who can’t last longer than a minute and a half after copulation really have this problem. This may be a serious and embarrassing problem for men. It’s a good thing, treatments are available. One can choose from sexual techniques, psychological counseling and medications. There is one type of treatment that is getting popular and that is herbs for premature ejaculation. Read on to find out how these herbs for premature ejaculation work.

The first herb that is said to treat premature ejaculation is clove. One can take the capsule form of this herb for premature ejaculation. Drinking at least one cup a day of its tea until an improvement is seen is advised. One can also apply oil, which is extracted from clove, on the penis. Whether it’s effective as an herb for premature ejaculation or not is still not certain, but the herb is known to do good on the circulation of blood in the genitals. The clove’s soothing smell may also help in treating premature ejaculation.

The next on the list of herbs for premature ejaculation is tribulus terrestris. This herb is said to improve sexual performance since its components brings back the body’s hormonal balance. Aside from premature ejaculation, this herb for premature ejaculation was also found out to cure sexual problems like low libido, erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Blood circulation seems to be an important factor in treating premature ejaculation. There are herbs that have been discovered to improve the blood flow in the body, the penis included. An improved blood circulation results in a longer erection. Examples of this kind of herb for premature ejaculation are gingko biloba and garlic.

There are also herbs for premature ejaculation that are said to delay orgasm. One of them is cnidium monnier. Its contraction qualities are responsible for the delay which makes it a good herb for premature ejaculation. Passion flower or passiflora incarnada, which is another herb for premature ejaculation, calms the senses which contribute to the delay period.

Another herb for premature ejaculation is chlorophytum borivilianum. This herb from India revives the reproductive system’s process which helps in treating premature ejaculation. This herb for premature ejaculation also helps in the problems of low sperm count and impotency.

Premature ejaculation might be caused by anxiety and stress. The last herb for premature ejaculation, withania somnifera helps in curing hypertension, diabetes and arthritis. This, therefore, reduces the risk of premature ejaculation.

Aside from taking these herbs for premature ejaculation, one can try other ways to address this problem. Deep breathing while having sex and trying different positions may help. Masturbating before intercourse may also delay orgasm. Stopping sexual stimulation when you feel ejaculating, then resuming to foreplay when the desire to ejaculate disappears, is another way.

A problem like premature ejaculation can cause a big trouble in a relationship which is why it needs to be addressed. One can also consult a therapist of none of the mentioned options helped. It must be remembered though, that more than any herb for premature ejaculation, what really helps is a good communications between the partners in a relationship.

Krin King