Dining Terrace

Early on the decision was made to seclude those on the dining terrace from passersby in the garden. Access to the dining terrace from the cafeteria is through the façade of a Sukiya-style simple garden teahouse, complete with a water chain. As one enters the teahouse, the low window directs attention to the landscape and a graceful weeping, cut- leaf Japanese maple.

The large black boulders within the terrace were imported from Japan. Each boulder was carefully chosen and placed to reveal its innate interpretive qualities. Many of the boulders have been placed among black pebbles, symbolizing a river. Surrounding the terrace is a fence, typical of the type one would find in a small Japanese tea garden.

The dining terrace is fashioned from pavers that can be inscribed to celebrate the lives and achievements of loved ones and friends, as many St. Mary colleagues and community members have done. Information on ordering a commemorative paver can be found here.

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